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Another Year Upwards: 2017 Resolutions


Once again, as the New Year begins, I set myself fresh targets for 2017. As an attempt to hold myself accountable, I share them with you. I have separated my goals into the usual four categories:

  • Blogging Resolutions
  • Freelance & Publishing Resolutions
  • Fiction Resolutions
  • Gaming Resolutions


For contrast, see my resolutions for 2016.



Blogging Resolutions

For 2016 I resolved to maintain my current schedule, expand my social media efforts and improve the layout of the blog. Aside from the desired traffic increase, I reached all of these goals. I recently began highlighting articles from the archives, which gives many of them fresh exposure.


See a recent Forgotten Scrolls article.


However, the webcomic has fallen away, and the growth in traffic was only 8% over the year. I am grateful for any growth, but I not satisfied with this level.


So, for 2017 I simply want more of the same: a busy blogging schedule and improved Social Media efforts to keep traffic moving forward. I do not have any re-design plans for 2017, but I hope to present several themed-months for the blog.


Starting with the January Blog Carnival.


Freelance & Publishing Resolutions

While the blog resolutions were a mixed bag, the 2016 publishing ones were soundly beaten. I only hoped to produce two Warlock’s Journal pdfs, and possibly the Nicknames one. By the end of the year, I released eight new titles, and cleared the Storm & Shield backlog. This was a superb achievement, possibly fuelled by the lack of any other major freelance work.


Heading into 2017, I want to build up my portfolio of pdfs. I probably need to streamline my creation process, if possible, to improve my productivity. Effective marketing and a resurgence of freelance work would also help. I fear this is asking too much. So I simply aim to reproduce my pdf productivity in 2017.


Fiction Resolutions

My 2016 writing goals required the completion of six new first drafts. I achieved exactly this, which now seems like a rather poor achievement for 12 months work. I edited a lot, which is a vital stage in the process. Finally, I submitted pieces to four literary agents, a magazine and a contest. Six new stories and six submissions is a decent step forward.


However, I really need to achieve more in this area. For 2017 I want double figures in both categories. I aim to submit monthly, and I have an event planned for February to generate plot concepts. More of this towards the end of the month.


Gaming Resolutions

2016 brought another completed campaign story arc, and the usual fluctuation in Players. The main campaign transitioned to HeroQuest Glorantha, and we wove four new rules systems into the story as Interludes. Towards the end of the year, I introduced the boys to Basic D&D, but so far only eldest has played a single session.


See the first D&D play report


For 2017 we embark on a fresh story arc, with the brainstorming about to begin in January. I continue to seek more Players, and hope to add UK Games Expo to my regular list of conventions. So, a continuation of 2016, but ideally with extra Players.




Despite global events, 2016 was not a bad year overall. Highlights included two game finales, extra gaming with the boys, a big step forward with my self-publishing and more stories completed. I still need to reach out to more people, and must make the most of opportunities as they crop up. I have new projects planned for 2017, so hopefully they will work out for me.



Edit: 2017 Progress

To view my progress through the year, see these updates:


What are your resolutions for the New Year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



Happy Gaming



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