Jan 04

Christmas Interlude ’16 Report


Nightmare by a Rocking Candle


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and the unlikely band of Heroes shivered on the darkening street corner. They had been set a test before joining the Pickwick Club, a secret department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Lt Alexander Dunn, VC, was eager to storm into the offices of Marley and Scrooge to demand the Red Ledger.


However, the rest of his team wanted to find a more subtle approach. Isambard Kingdom Brunel stood guard, as Calamity Jane and Jules Verne explored an alley to find a back entrance. The small window they found was barred. Impatient, Lt Dunn swaggered into Scrooge’s office and demanded the loan of £400.


Isambard jury-rigged a burrowing device, which propelled Jane through the wall and into the small store room. She heaved a lock box through the narrow window, but was then attacked by the ghost of Jacob Marley. The quick combat ended when Marley offered Jane a deal for the Red Ledger.


To facilitate Jane’s escape, Isambard convinced Scrooge and his clerk that a robbery was occurring. Bob Cratchit led the pursuit of Jules, who scampered away into the darkened streets. Lt Dunn shot open the store room lock, and Jane escaped. Quietly, the Heroes united with Marley’s ghost in a distant alley.


Later that night, the Heroes broke into the secluded house of Scrooge. Isambard set his boots steaming, and the Heroes convinced Scrooge his house was alight. Satisfied, Marley revealed the location of the Red Ledger.


The Heroes crammed into a hansom cab, taking their trophy back to Whitehall. Then Russian voices rang out: Cossacks were pursuing the Heroes. Jane quickly shot down the two riders, while Isambard used his boots to speed up the hansom. Lt Dunn shot one Cossack on the pursuing hansom. Isambard discharged his blunderbuss, wounding the pursuing horse and final Cossack.


The Heroes had won in time for Christmas!



This Interlude occurred just before we started the new cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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