Jan 05

Brainstorming Ulubrae, Part 3


  • A Clearer Schedule
  • Pantheon handouts
  • Campaign Reference Sheets


The boys returned to school today, which frees up the middle part of the day for me. I continued preparing for the Microscope game this afternoon, and made good progress. I printed out extra handouts for the expected high turnout of Players. I am about halfway through re-reading the rules, and the basic principles are returning to me. I will have the pdf with me on Saturday, should I really need to consult the rules, but I would prefer not to do so.


Additionally, I have completed lists of the basic Stone and Night Pantheon deities. These are not complete lists, but give us options when brainstorming the setting. Lastly, I began updating the pre-generated names sheet. I will bring the cultural name lists to the game, but the pre-gen list gives us faster options at the table. These names also have nicknames added, so bring greater character.


However, a fair amount of work remains. I need to complete reading the rules to ensure they are fresh in my mind. The updated name list also needs completion. These names, and the pantheon handouts, are good background work for the main campaign. Thus, my efforts here will pay off later. Finally, I must prepare the index cards for the game, and pack my bag ready for an early start on Saturday. Ideally, I should prepare my general reference sheet for the campaign. This list of assorted locations, factions and buildings will help me improvise during the campaign. It is asking a lot of tomorrow, but it would be a useful reference sheet for Microscope.


Read more about Reference Sheets here


If I am lucky, I might find time tonight too. Maybe.


Happy Gaming



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