Jan 09

Prophecies & Omens Update: Week 1


Through January, I am honoured to host the travelling RPG Blog Carnival. As explained in the launch post, the topic I chose for this month is Prophecies & Omens.


Read the launch post here.


This update brings together the initial submissions to the Prophecies & Omens carnival. Despite only running for a week, there are already a great selection of contributions. In order, here are the first selection of essays:



The (Other) Omen.

First out of the gate was Gonzalo Campoverde at Codex Anathema. This post explores the nature of prophecies, and how to use them in a campaign. Incredibly, this essay was posted on 2nd January. Fast work, Gonzalo.



The Tarot and its use in RPGs

Tony Brotherton at Roleplay Geek presented an article about how to use Tarot cards in Fantasy RPGs. His article includes a clever method for using tarot cards in character generation, which I want to use in my campaign.



Avian Auguries

Here is my first piece for Prophecies & Omens. This essay explores Roman bird auguries, and makes some suggestions for how to include these in your game.



I Predict a Problem

Finally for the first week, Clark Timmins at RPG Geek submitted a lengthy essay looking at the history of prophecy in D&D. Clark includes links to many articles and scenarios relating to prophecies, making this contribution a valuable resource.




Four contributions in the first week is a good start, and many of the basics of prophecies in fantasy RPGs have been covered. Yet, there is plenty more ground to explore. Does anyone want to try writing about prophecy in an SF game?


I look forward to reading the next batch of contributions.


I summarized the second week of contributions here


Happy Gaming



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