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Kickstarting Khan of Khans Card Game


My tendency to back Kickstarter games has tailed off in recent months. However, I still believe in the concept. Today provides me with the rare opportunity to promote a game I already played.


This was the game I sampled at Dragonmeet 2016.


Khan of Khans is designed by Reiner Knizia, the legendary creator of Beowulf, Through the Desert, Tigris & Euphrates, and many, many more. It is being published by Chaosium. The campaign page describes the project as follows:


Khan of Khans is world-renowned game designer Reiner Knizia’s fast-paced family game for 2-5 players. The battle begins on the plains of Prax, the storied realm from Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha (RuneQuest, King of Dragon Pass).

You are a khan of one of the great tribes of Prax. Each Spring, as the grasses become green and the rivers swell, you lead your raiders into the rich lands of Dragon Pass, ripe for your plunder. Yet this year is different. The Sacred Time is quickly approaching. The High Priestess has decreed whichever khan brings back the most cattle from Dragon Pass will be declared “Khan of Khans”, the greatest warlord of the Wastelands!


While I usually only back roleplaying games, I could not pass up on Khan of Khans. The game was a lot of fun at Dragonmeet, thanks to Mob’s patient explanation. A simple, fast-paced game will appeal to the boys, and makes the perfect introduction to the Gloranthan setting for them. Khan of Khans is the first step in my cunning plan to pass on my love of Glorantha to another generation.


Funding for Khan of Khans closes Tuesday 31st January. This campaign is already funded, and scampering through the stretch goals. I am especially pleased by the latest goal unlocked, as this creates a unique card for each of the Gloranthan locations raided by the tribes. When I played the game at Dragonmeet, this was something I felt the game needed.


Back Khan of Khans and raid your enemies!


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The previous Kickstarter I recommended was Spirit, a revolutionary drinking card game.


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