Jan 26

Brainstorming Ulubrae, Part 9


  • Fiasco prep
  • Limited long-term prep time
  • Player rules update


One of my main goals for this week was to reduce my writing schedule and devote more of my time to game prep. This has not worked out as I hoped. The good news relates to my progress with Fiasco. I am re-familiarising myself with the rules, and created the play-set sheets I need for the game on Saturday. The session outline sheet is almost finished, and I should have time tomorrow to complete the work.


However, the second strand of my game prep has not been so good. There has been no further progress with the broader prep for the next story arc. Pressure is mounting, so I need to work through a lot more tasks before we can make a serious start on the character creation.


I may have some help here, as the newer Players have requested a further explanation of the HeroQuest rules. I suspect that this may take up the best part of a session. This is totally fine, as there is clearly a need for such a session. This may help me as it will delay the start of the character creation by another two weeks, due to scheduling issues. I think I could really make use of this extra time. Maybe we will squeeze in additional brainstorming, and maybe another DramaSystem session, to build up more of the city of Ulubrae.


In the meantime, I must continue working on my game prep. The building work continues next week, so another light schedule looms. This should include extra time for my prep.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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