Jan 30

Prophecies & Omens Update: Week 4


Through January, I am honoured to host the travelling RPG Blog Carnival. As explained in the launch post, the topic I chose for this month is Prophecies & Omens.



This final update brings together the fourth round of submissions to the Prophecies & Omens carnival. Here at the end of January, a few more great contributions were posted. In chronological order, here is the fourth selection of essays:



Weird Omens

In his second contribution to the Carnival, Marc Plourde at Inspiration Strikes posted a list of 20 omens suitable to the Numenera setting. This cool table also serves as a fascinating insight into daily life in Numenera. I love the idea of using omens in this way.



Prophecies from the Pit of Serpents

Brian Fitzpatrick at Moebius Adventures posted a setting-specific article about prophecies. Here the bite of a sacred snake induces visions.



Generating Prophecies

My fourth and final contribution to the topic was a set of three tables used to generate random prophecies. Each table is rolled upon twice, creating millions of different prophecies.



Prophecy and Foretelling in the Sea of Stars

In the process of compiling my fourth weekly update for the Carnival, I stumbled across yet another article. This contribution is from Sean Holland at the Sea of Stars blog. Sean explores the role played by prophecy in his campaign.
To complete the pattern, there were exactly four contributions this week. I am amused to note the sequence continuing into the fourth week. This is my final weekly update, but a complete summary essay should be posted at the end of the week. Thus, there is still time for a final contribution.


Happy Reading



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