Jan 30

Forgotten Scrolls 19: Week 182


The Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look at articles previously published during my three years of blogging. Before the usual look through the archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint an essay from my archives.


This article has been dusted down, given a fresh edit, and reprinted as a guest post on the Ennead blog. This weekend, the article outlined my technique of using Pinterest, the online picture collection site. Pinterest is a valuable resource for GMs seeking images:


A GM on Pinterest



Last Month: Week 178

Four weeks ago, it was the end of the year. I posted my resolutions for 2017, which I now need to report back on later this week. Week 178 also featured my launch of the January Blog Carnival. My hosting ends tomorrow, with a summary post on Friday, but here is where it all began:


January Blog Carnival: Prophecies & Omens



Six Months Ago: Week 156

Further back, in July I noted the passing of the 1,000 posts milestone. The long blog post for week 156 was my fifth instalment of the Improv Gaming series. Part five focused on weaving story elements into the game:


Improv Gaming, Part 5: Using Story Elements



Last Year: Week 130

Stepping back to January 2016, I reviewed progress for the month. My long article for week 130 was my fourth contribution to Blog Carnival I hosted. In part 4 I presented character development of RPG Heroes as personal growth within the game:


Gates & Portals 4: Personal Growth in RPGs



Two Years ago: Week 78

Winding back another year to 2015, I highlighted the voting for the current round of the Warlock’s Journal. My long blog post for week 78 was my ninth article in the Trollbabe series, further exploring the re-roll system. This essay examined the way the system invites Players to accept greater risks for their Heroes:


Trollbabe and Re-rolls: Part 2, Upping the Ante



Three Years ago: Week 26

Finally, we reach the start of 2014, where there was no feature article for week 26. Checking back on the blog, I think I was ill over the weekend, so greatly reduced my blogging.


Once again, I hope you liked this journey through the archives of Tales of a GM. Did you find any lost treasures this week?



Happy Reading



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