Jan 31

Brainstorming Ulubrae, Part 10


  • Fiasco & foundtion of Ulubrae
  • Planning HeroQuest rules primer
  • Character generation prep


The game on Saturday was the Fiasco session to establish yet more of the background to the Shadows of Ulubrae setting. Specifically, we explored part of the story of the foundation of Ulubrae. This involved clumsy hobbit thieves, a corrupt dwarven priest and a band of angry trolls. Several of these threads are likely to feature in later story arcs, depending upon how the Players develop the story.


For my second time with Fiasco, I sat back and simply facilitated the game. I explained the rules, prompted the Players and recorded the events as they happened. This gave me better focus than if I had also been playing. Fortunately, the three Players generated a great story, then embraced the doomed nature of a Fiasco finale.


Looking ahead, the plan for next weekend is to run the Players through the rules of HeroQuest. I would not normally devote a whole session to this, but the Players have asked me to do so. At this point, I have no idea how much detail I need to cover. So long as I have my rules with me, I should be able to talk the Players through most of what they want to know. I suspect I should focus on the basics, walk the Players through the contest rules, and explain the consequences as interpreted narratively. If I can plan out a framework for the conversation, then this would help.


Oh, and Mastery. That is the trickiest part of the HeroQuest rules. Even with a few examples, Masteries are an oddity.


So, on the face of it, prep for Saturday should be very simple. However, this really just opens up my time to focus on the prep for the start of the story arc. If I can take along the updated character sheets on Saturday, then this would certainly help Players start to think about their character concepts. As I may need to discuss character generation, I really should have a better idea of how I want to run it for this story arc. Likewise, I need a framework for the Flux rules I want to weave into the campaign. Plenty of work, after all.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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