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Songs of Ulubrae: City Secrets, Part 1


Enchanted to a Stone


Long before the foundation of Ulubrae, two hobbit brothers hatched a daring plan. Tired of toiling in the fields, Aegidius and Gaius decided to seek work in the rich temple nearby. One priest owned the Periapt of Treasure Seeking which would fulfil the hobbits’ need for riches. This very same necklace had been taken from their family many years previously, seized in lieu of taxes.


Castorius Proculus, the former tax collector, was now a temple priest stuck in an unhappy marriage. Rich from the magic of the Periapt, he sought to poison his scheming wife. He thought his plan was running smoothly when he caught Aegidius holding the Periapt, stooped over the limp body of his wife.


Innocent of murder, Aegidius fled the temple with his brother. The hobbits reached the entrance to a cave complex just ahead of Castorius and his mercenary thugs. Here the magic of the Periapt began to work, leading the hobbits deeper into the twisting network of narrow tunnels.


The dwarves finally cornered the hobbits in a small shrine, where a black dragon figurine had drawn the Periapt of Treasure Seeking. From the shadows stepped the troll guardians of the shrine, capturing the hobbits and frightening Castorius’ mercenaries. Frantically, the hobbits explained the situation. Just as the trolls were about to believe the brothers’ tale, Gaius knocked the figurine off the pedestal and broke it. The trolls went berserk.


Desperately, Aegidius tried to repair the dragon figurine, but an angry troll broke his neck. The overwhelmed mercenaries fled, leaving Castorius to his fate. A troll priestess restored calm, then transformed Castorius into a copper plinth to hold the sacred figurine.


Further restoration of the shrine was halted by the arrival of Castorius’ wife and father-in-law, at the head of dwarven legion. The last of the troll guardians were killed, or driven off. Gaius was captured, then put to work expanding the shrine cavern now chosen to be the site of Ulubrae, a new dwarven city.



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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