Feb 10

The February 2017 Warlock’s Journal Deadline


The Warlock’s Journal jumps from site to site, but only every other month at the moment. The current host is Michael Christensen at Tiny Gork. Michael is spreading his contest out over January and February.


The topic for this round of the contest is building upon three specific words. This unusual concept is described by Michael as follows:


The Warlocks Journal this time emulates one of the methods to overcome these tricky dry spells.

lexicon dragonscale freebooter

Seek inspiration in the three words above, let them take you places, let them create new places, people and items of power in your imagination. This time anything goes, you can submit any and everything for the Warlocks Journal. Well that is to say any and everything inspired by, derived by or craft from the three words above.

You do not have to use the words as words in a sentence, you can, but you can also use them as concepts and themes. Inspiration from random words is the idea this time.


Entries can be for any genre, system neutral, and must use the three listed words. Submissions can be up to 500 words. First prize is a pdf bundle, with more details to follow about the exact contents. Michael is making full use of the two month window for the contest, as the deadline for entries is February 15th.


Additional details about the contest can be found at Tiny Gork.


As you can see, the theme for this contest is very similar to the FebShoMo I am running at Tales of a GM. Thus, I shall combine Michael’s contest with my daily brainstorming, and use Michael’s three words as the foundation for Day 10. Two birds: one stone. If you have been inspired by the FebShoMo project, but cannot commit to a full month of brainstorming, Michael’s contest is a good alternative.


Best of luck, and start designing quickly.



Follow this link for a full list of the Warlock Journal Contests to date.


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