Feb 10

FebShoMo Week 2, Day 10


Throughout February, I am running the FebShoMo project, a method of brainstorming outlines for stories. As part of this process, I post regular updates about what I create. Hopefully this means daily, but weekends are often too busy for much blogging.



My brainstorming notes are raw ideas, and may not develop into anything useful. Or they may form the core of a future RPG plot. Either way, I cannot share too much with you here, for fear of spoiling the final story. Instead, I present an edited selection of my brainstorming



Day 10

What if . . . I brainstormed for the Warlock’s Journal?


Today is a slight departure form the usual Week 2 format, as I temporarily abandon the “What if . . .” list for the roving Warlock’s Journal contest. The theme for this month’s contest is to create from three chosen words. The words in question are:


Lexicon, dragonscale, freebooter


The initial brainstorming from these words lead to the creation of several objects, which was not what I had expected. I chose my favourite item, and then wrote a background for the object, leading to a series of quests. This outline is more suited to an RPG plot than a written story, but who can tell where these things lead. My submission for the contest takes the form of an RPG outline.


To learn more about this round of the Warlock’s Journal, see my recent post


What would you create with this idea? Can you see a different story? What setting does this concept suggest to you? Let me know what you think.


Happy Brainstorming



Find the full list of FebShoMo posts on the project page


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