Feb 14

Songs of Ulubrae: Heroes, Part 1


Helper and Friend



Adlatok “The Weak”

  • Embassy Head of Security
  • Career diplomat and negotiator
  • Initiate of Xiola Umbar
  • The only troll son of Zorak Zoran


Arrluk Life Shield

  • Public Relations for Troll Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Retired adventurer
  • Worships the Storm Pantheon
  • The only human to marry a dragon



  • Troll Embassy caretaker
  • Coal-sculpting artificer
  • Created by a rogue Sigillian inevitable
  • The only algorith who can choose to leave xes binding


Umiaq “The Sophisticated”

  • Son of the Ambassador
  • Career spy
  • Initiate of Zorak Zoran
  • The only troll who dwarven women find charming



Happy Gaming



The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.

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