Feb 16

FebShoMo Week 3 Plan


As announced at the start of the month, the special theme on the blog for February is FebShoMo, a month devoted to creating short outlines for stories. These ideas may later be expanded into short stories or plots for a game. The goal of FebShoMo is to create a collection of outlines ready to be expanded later in the year.


Read the launch post here


To keep FebShoMo varied, I build these outlines from different sources, with a new theme every week. Today is the mid-point of the project, and the start of the third week, so this post explains the current source for ideas.



SF & Skuld cards

For the third week’s theme, FebShoMo returns to the concept of random input from cards. This week, the cards in question are the Skuld cards I printed for use with my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign. I wrote about the creation of Skuld cards here:


Skuld Cards: A GM’s Themed Improvisation Deck


I typically use these cards as part of my improvisation toolkit during a game, but I am interested to see how they perform as an inspiration for brainstorming. For this week I also highlight SF stories, in an attempt to broaden the scope of the cards away from their usual fantasy setting. I suspect I may create more settings than story outlines, but my experience with FebShoMo to date has highlighted how these two categories so often overlap.


Do you have a theme for week 3? Have you tried using dedicated RPG tools as writing inspiration? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Happy Brainstorming



Find the full list of FebShoMo posts on the project page


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