Feb 16

FebShoMo Week 3, Day 15


Throughout February, I am running the FebShoMo project, a method of brainstorming outlines for stories. As part of this process, I post regular updates about what I create.



My brainstorming notes are raw ideas, and may not develop into anything useful. Or they may form the core of a future RPG plot. Either way, I cannot share too much with you here, for fear of spoiling the final story. Instead, I present an edited selection of my brainstorming



Day 15

Skuld Cards: Sun, Toil, Hunt


The first point to note is how I replaced my third draw of Life. On reflection, I need three different categories of Skuld cards to ensure I weave together varying ideas. The details of the cards are not important, suffice to say in future I will keep drawing without comment until I have three separate concepts.


The brainstorming began by combining these three concepts into a SF theme, in the same method I used with Once Upon a Time. The initial result of this brainstorming was:

  • Hard work hunting for suns
  • Game of cat-and-mouse around the corona of the sun
  • Difficult hunt in sunlight
  • Solar flares disrupting training for sun surfing


I quickly realised this was not productive. Instead, I resolved to brainstorm a list of SF tropes or ideas for the individual cards:

  • Sun ā€“ solar system, solar flares, solar wind, reflected as moonlight, artificial illumination
  • Toil ā€“ bonded workers, corporate slaves, prudent action, diligent planning
  • Hunt ā€“ athletics in space, zero-g football, weightless archery, hunting pirates, searching for scientific truth among the stars


The final stage, was to pick an entry from each list, and weave them into a story. The unusual idea I spawned from these images was about a sports race in space. A combination of hi-tech media coverage and racing rockets.


More work is needed to add character and plot, but the backdrop to a SF short was outlined. This felt like a shaky start to using the Skuld cards, but the outline is solid enough. Maybe tomorrow will spark a better concept.


What SF concept would you create with these cards Can you see a different story? What setting do they suggest to you? Let me know what you think.


Happy Brainstorming


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