Feb 17

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 7, Part 2


  • Heavy time pressures
  • Half-term obligations
  • Game prep all in one day


I have really felt the pressure of half-term this week. The boys have been mostly good, but the need to keep them amused has severely eaten into my schedule. Despite my best intentions, the middle of the week was very busy. Even this update is late, as I struggle to cope with the disrupted routine.


The planned game prep for the middle of the week simply did not happen. Here I am with the game tomorrow, and I must work through all my prep today. Of course, the usual Friday deadlines also apply, meaning time is very tight. Top of the game prep list is the session outline, in the expectation of splitting the session on Saturday between character generation and a soft start to the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc. This translates as about an hour for each part. Yet, even a hour of roleplaying requires preparation.


Given my limited time, the game prep will focus on the instigating incident and story elements I brainstormed last week. A little more thought on these options, and probably a few additional story elements, and I will feel a lot better prepared. My GM handouts may have to wait. I am toying with the idea of a Player handout, but that too may have to delay until next week.


Coming into half-term, I was confident I could cope with the workload through the week. Sadly, this has not been the case. Next week will therefore need to be a catch-up week. This means a limited schedule, and plenty of space on the plan for the various chores skipped this week. Preparing the remaining GM sheets for the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc will feature highly in this plan.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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