Feb 17

FebShoMo Week 3, Day 17


Throughout February, I am running the FebShoMo project, a method of brainstorming outlines for stories. As part of this process, I post regular updates about what I create.



My brainstorming notes are raw ideas, and may not develop into anything useful. Or they may form the core of a future RPG plot. Either way, I cannot share too much with you here, for fear of spoiling the final story. Instead, I present an edited selection of my brainstorming



Day 17

Skuld Cards: Semi-Elemental, Ambition, Hungry Wolf


  • Semi-Elemental ā€“ firedog, dust cloud, sun flare, matter in another shape, mutation
  • Ambition ā€“ power, pride, concentration, focus, coup, revolution
  • Hungry Wolf ā€“ alchemy, science, physics, uranium, radioactive matter


The selection of cards was unhelpful today. Both Semi-Elemental and Hungry Wolf are fantasy tropes, and thus a hard fit for a SF story. They certainly did not fit in my mind, and thus made me think hard about weaving them into the SF genre.


Maybe it was tiredness at the end of half-term, or my stress at being so far behind on my schedule. Either way, this was a difficult brainstorming session for me. Writing when I am not enthusiastic is another skill to learn, so I persevered today. I stumbled into a story about a robot-controlled research station close to the sun. This could build towards a short story exploring autonomy and free will.


Well, maybe. The outline is a little unfocused, although I did make the word target. Unlike my previous outlines for this week, the setting aspect is also rather vague. So, not my greatest brainstorming session, but I am pleased to have pushed through my initial reluctance. I hope it will flow better tomorrow.


What SF concept would you create with these cards Can you see a different story? What setting do they suggest to you? Let me know what you think.


Happy Brainstorming



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