Feb 18

FebShoMo Week 3, Day 18


Throughout February, I am running the FebShoMo project, a method of brainstorming outlines for stories. As part of this process, I post regular updates about what I create.



My brainstorming notes are raw ideas, and may not develop into anything useful. Or they may form the core of a future RPG plot. Either way, I cannot share too much with you here, for fear of spoiling the final story. Instead, I present an edited selection of my brainstorming



Day 18

Skuld Cards: Life, Truth, Stasis


  • Life ā€“ sentience, AI, ecology, humanity
  • Truth ā€“ science, cosmic secrets, political scandal, maths
  • Stasis ā€“ cryogenics, tranquillized sleep, frozen in space


After my struggles yesterday, the three Skuld cards for today seem to fit SF a little too easily. Stasis is an SF term, while Life and Truth are such universal concepts. The brainstorming by category was fairly pedestrian too, merely elaborating on standard SF tropes.


The resulting outline focused upon the discovery of life in space, a summary clearly telegraphed in the titles for the three cards. The additional of corporate greed made the story fit easily into my previous SF setting. Either I am improving my brainstorming, or endlessly recycling the same ideas. An expansion into a first draft is probably the only way to decide which is true.


What SF concept would you create with these cards Can you see a different story? What setting do they suggest to you? Let me know what you think.


Happy Brainstorming



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