Feb 26

Forgotten Scrolls 23: Week 186


The Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look at articles previously published during my three-and-a-half years of blogging. Before the usual rummage through the dusty archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint an old essay.


This article has been given a fresh edit, a little more polish, and reprinted as a guest post on the Ennead blog. This weekend, the article presented a second look at how characters within an RPG can develop during the game, but focused on negative character growth:


Personal Growth in RPGs, part 2




Last Month: Week 182

Four weeks ago, I launched the FebShoMo project, which concludes in a few days. Week 182 featured my last creative contribution to the January Blog Carnival I hosted. This essay presented a set of tables to create a random prophecy:




Six Months Ago: Week 160

Further back, in August, I concluded and summarized the RPG-a-Day project. The long blog post for week 160 was another in the long-running Improv Gaming series. Part 7 explored the Narrative Outcomes table, a way to add random input into the story:





Last Year: Week 134

Stepping back to February 2016, I launched my Agents of Order contest for the wandering Warlock’s Journal. My long article for week 134 was my Blog Carnival contribution for February. This essay explored the ways I encourage the Players to engage with my campaign:


RPG Blog Carnival: Building Player Engagement



Two Years ago: Week 82

Winding back another year to 2015, I reviewed my progress for the month. My long blog post for week 82 was another Blog Carnival essay, this time looking at my writing techniques. These have probably developed since then, but the fundamentals remains the same:


RPG Blog Carnival: How I Write



Three Years ago: Week 30

Finally, we reach early 2014, where I promoted another Kickstarter, this time for the Narrative Game System rules. The feature article for week 30 was yet another Carnival essay. This time I presented an overview of an icy plane:


RPG Blog Carnival; The Icy Embrace of Winter



Once again, I hope you liked this journey through the archives of Tales of a GM. Did you find any lost treasures this week?



Happy Reading



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