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Reading Around: World Book Day 2017


Once again, I am celebrating World Book Day here at Tales of a GM. I am definitely a book geek.


In 2016 I discussed my annual reading challenge.



2017 Reading Challenge

Last year I took the challenge hosted by the Modern Mrs Darcy blog. This year I want to try something different. I recently completed reading the huge Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2017. This book is packed full of useful advice for aspiring authors. However, much of the honest advice makes for uncomfortable reading.


After a palate-cleansing SF book by the brilliant CJ Cherryh, I am ready to embark on a new reading challenge. For 2017 I want to read my way around Europe, as suggested by the Epic Reads Planet YA: Europe poster.


This image can be found at my dedicated Pinterest board.


So, my challenge is a virtual tour of Europe, and thereby expand my experience of YA books.


A Challenging Challenge

Well, that was the plan. Sadly, events have conspired to make this process not as simple as I would like. Firstly, the digital library loan system is not working for me. I struggled with it before, and then wasted 30 precious minutes on it again toady. I find technology which does not work frustrating at the best of times. When I am working against the clock, thanks to my growing backlog of tasks, then my frustration is all the greater.


So, without the digital option available, I rely upon Norwich library. First on the Epic Reads list is The Reluctant Heiress by Eva Ibbotson. Sadly, this title was not found in the library. There were several other books by Eva, so I borrowed The Haunting of Hiram.


This is probably aimed for younger readers, so not technically a YA, or Young Adult. Yet, it was short and fun to read. The characters were great, but I felt there was too much build-up, and the climax was resolved too soon. Yet, I enjoyed reading the book, and pleased to read something new.


However, there was nothing about Austria in The Haunting of Hiram, so I made no progress on my virtual tour of Europe. My next step is to make a list of YA books featuring Austria, and see which of those I can find in the library. To cover my options, I will also note the second of the Epic Reads titles: Water Song by Suzanne Weyn. Finding that book would mean starting my European tour in Belgium, but I can live with that.


So, World Book Day 2017 has been rather frustrating for me, and I am left without a book to read. However, I do have a plan and a list. Heading to the library with a list of books has to be a positive sign.


Happy Reading



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