Mar 04

International GM’s Day 2017


Today is International GM’s Day. Today is about showing GMs how much their hard work and effort is appreciated by the Players. This program grew out of the message boards at EN World.


Read more about GM Day here.



My Fantastic Players

Once again, I was reminded how lucky I am to have such fun and supportive Players. The dazzling array of gifts included coffee, cheesecake, a notebook, a card game and the following poem.


We gather round in Caffé Nero
To sit around a table saved
Eager to improve our Heroes
A week (or two) we’ve had to wait.

You welcome us with a smile
And hand us our player packs
For this, you’ve had to travel miles
To dish out the wyrd card stacks.

We slice a giant worm in half
Or solve a riddle for a gem
No matter what, we always laugh
And maybe cause a little mayhem.

Thank you for the time you take
To craft and build the game we play
This poem is instead of cheesecake
Phil, Happy National GM Day!


I hope your Players were equally appreciative. If you are a Player, then I hope you took the time to show your support of the hard-working GM. Even just a message of support and encouragement can help recharge a GM.


Happy GM Day



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