Mar 12

Forgotten Scrolls 25: Week 188


The Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look at articles previously published during my three-and-a-half years of blogging. Before the usual rummage through the dusty archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint an old essay.


This article has been given a fresh edit, a little more polish, and reprinted as a guest post on the Ennead blog. This weekend, the article presented an examination of the player principles outlined in the Spark RPG:


Bright Sparks: Player Principles in Spark RPG




Last Month: Week 184

Four weeks ago, I was deep in the FebShoMo project. Week 184 featured my delayed conclusion to the short series of essays about exposition techniques suggested in 7th Sea. Part 3 presented a set of tables for generating sources of exposition:


Saga Tables: Exposition 7th Sea Style Part 3



Six Months Ago: Week 162

Further back, in September 2016, I began this series of articles combing through my archives. The long blog post for week 162 was yet another in the long-running Improv Gaming series. Part 9 explored the purely narrative outcomes I sometimes use at the table:


Improv Gaming, Part 9: Purely Narrative Outcomes



Last Year: Week 136

Stepping back to March, I opened the voting for my Agents of Order contest. My long article for week 136 was a reprint of an article I wrote for Johnn Four about building a plot engine around the villains in your setting. This article was later expanded in my Villainous Plots pdf:




Two Years ago: Week 84

Winding back another year to 2015, I was celebrating Shakespeare week here at Tales of a GM. My long blog post for week 84 was a look at the problems caused in my narrative game by single-word abilities. I now insist on longer names to all abilities:


It’s too Tough: Banning single-word Abilities in HeroQuest 2



Three Years ago: Week 32

Finally, we reach 2014, where another Warlock’s Journal deadline as looming. The feature article for week 32 was a warning to GMs about the consequences of betraying their Players:


Romance Gotchas and the Consequences of Betrayal



Once again, I hope you liked this journey through the archives of Tales of a GM. Did you find any lost treasures this week?



Happy Reading



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