Mar 13

FebShoMo: The Outlines


Throughout February, I ran the FebShoMo project, a method of brainstorming outlines for stories. Today I finally found the time to review my progress through the month, and sort out the outlines I brainstormed.


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After two weeks focusing upon my various chores, I am finally in a position to devote more time to my writing. One of my first tasks was to skim through all my FebShoMo outlines and decide what category of story they represent. I completed that task this morning, then sent each file to the correct folder to keep them organised. Thus, all my SF short stories are in one place, while picture book outlines are in another.


As you may recall from the FebShoMo weekly plans, I took inspiration from four different sources through the month. Just as the input was varied, so too were the resulting outlines. I can now conclude my FebShoMo project for 2017 with a brief overview of the outlines I produced:

  • Prose Picture 11 – The largest category of outlines, and the area I work in most often. As these stories are only 800 words, I should create first drafts for these stories relatively quickly. Indeed, this week I begin my process of writing full stories with a fun prose picture text.
  • Adult SF 9 – Next most productive were the science fiction outlines, which also were the focus of Week 3. Most of these were stories designed for a far-future setting I have written in before. However, a couple of light-hearted outlines relate to contemporary stories.
  • Adult Fantasy 4 – Much as I love fantasy, I had struggled to find a story I wanted to explore. However, I managed to brainstorm a few interesting concepts through the month, including three with a shared setting.
  • Chapter Books 2 – Two of the children’s stories I outlined deserve longer treatments than picture books allow. Thus, I classify them here.
  • Rhyming Picture 1 – Writing a rhyming text is more of a challenge, so I classify them separate from the prose picture books. If past performance is any indication, this outline will struggle to produce a satisfying text. Yet, I so enjoy the process.
  • RPG 1 – The final outline is more suited to an RPG story arc. Well, or a fantasy novel, but I am not prepared to invest my time in writing one of those right now.


So, 28 outlines in six categories. I am excited by many of these outlines, which hopefully translates into enough energy to turn most of them into first drafts. I have a lot of writing ahead of me.


All the best


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