Mar 14

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 11, Part 1


  • Building Story Momentum
  • Reduced Prep Burden
  • Planning a Five Room Dungeon


The session on Saturday was a lot of fun, and may have marked a tipping point. Enough plot elements have been added to the story for it to gain a momentum of its own. Add to this the way the Heroes are building mini-plots of their own. I have a good feeling about the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc, as it approaches the point where sessions almost write themselves. There are a couple of new threads I want to weave into the story, but otherwise it is building itself.


I love that feeling, not least because it makes my game prep so much easier. My plan for tomorrow focuses on building upon what happened last session. I can ready the next step for a few threads, and then enjoy where the Players take these new inputs. The actual play report last Saturday is written and I have already begun the session outline. This should make for an easy prep burden tomorrow.


Therefore, I would also like to progress with the prep for the next scenario for the Basic D&D campaign I play with the boys. Here is another actual play report to write, and then I must create another Five Room Dungeon for them. At the moment, this is about the limit of their focus. Yet, I am out of practice for writing dungeons, so the process is not as quick as I would like. I will probably begin with the floorplans, and build from there.


Of course, I also have plenty of scanning to complete. This may have to wait until later in the week, assuming I can be productive tomorrow.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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