Mar 16

Dragon Tales, Chapter 4



May they Grant you Plunder



Aepydrax, Xenobia and Feandir the Elf returned to the Tomb of Peneleos once more. They followed the same route as before, and found themselves at the stone sarcophagus of Peneleos. From under the stone lid came a terrible groaning sound. Feandir pushed the lid open a little, revealing Peneleos had become a zombie.


Eagerly, Xenobia pushed the lid completely off the sarcophagus, allowing the zombie room to attack the Heroes. A quick battle erupted, but the Heroes were easily victorious. Xenobia then filled with dust the bag given to them by Karthedon, the Mage in the Lighthouse. The mage would pay handsomely for this dust.


The Heroes then explored down another corridor in the Tomb of Peneleos. At the end they found a small chamber containing a dusty chest. Aepydrax quickly picked the old lock on the chest, to reveal a bag of coins and a small selection of treasure.


Laden with their rewards, the Heroes returned to the village lighthouse to collect the money from Karthedon. Happily, the three Heroes divided up their money, then hurried back to town to spend their new-found wealth.





Dragon Tales are the session summaries from the Legend of Dragons cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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