Mar 17

Kickstarting Hopjockey by Matt Vancil


Limited finances, and a backlog of pdfs to read, have reduced my Kickstarter habit this year. However, there are still projects which I feel compelled to support. Here is one such project.


Hopjockey is a novel by Matt Vancil, the writer of The Gamers series of films I love so much. The campaign page describes the project as follows:


A science-fantasy adventure across space, time, myth, and reality, Hopjockey is a story of loneliness, impending doom, unrequited love, and impostor syndrome—basically, college.

Hopjockey is the umbrella universe that connects the rest of my work. For over ten years, I’ve been setting up the story by leaving clues in the movies and shows (and elsewhere) as to how everything connects.

Narratively, Hopjockey is its own standalone piece of fiction. No wider knowledge of the movies is necessary to enjoy it or understand what’s going on. It’s the main story in a wider universe, and the first in its own series—pending this first one getting funded, of course.


As a big fan of The Gamers, I am interested in reading this book. As a narrative GM, I want to see how Matt has woven together his various stories. After reading Hopjockey, I know I will go back to the films and hunt for clues and links. I aim to weave together the story arcs in my ongoing campaign in a similar manner. It will be fascinating to see how a professional writer achieves this feat.


I previously reviewed PWNED by Matt Vancil


Funding for Hopjockey closes Monday 10th April, 4:00 am BST in the UK. After barely 24 hours, the campaign is almost 50% funded. Given the broad support for Matt’s other projects, I am sure the novel will reach its goal.


Back Hopjockey for a fun SF romp through time.


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  1. Quick note — funding for Hopjockey via Kickstarter closes Sun, April 9, 2017 8:00 PM PDT

      • Phil on March 17, 2017 at 2:52 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Seth,

      Good spot.

      I am in the UK, so Kickstarter specifies Monday 10th April, 4:00am BST. I really should be more careful with those tome zone issues.

      Thanks for making it clear

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