Mar 12

Reading Around: The Norse Mythology Blog


The Reading Around posts are my attempt to help you follow Ken Hite’s advice and cross-pollinate your game with some clever ideas from history, science and elsewhere.


My previous Reading Around post reviewed the Low-tech Magazine.

Myth and Religion

Today I want to bring to your attention the excellent Norse Mythology Blog.


The blog is written by Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried, a Norse mythologist, lecturer and musician in Chicago.  As to be expected from the title, the blog focuses on Norse mythology, but also covers minority religions in general. Dr Seigfried’s style is academic without being dry or inaccessible to the more casual reader.


Recent articles have included;


A very varied range of articles, all lengthy and fully illustrated.


Online Resources

As if the range and breadth of articles was not enough, the Norse Mythology Blog has more to offer. Dr Seigfried has uploaded a broad selection of books onto the website for free access. These are a combination of books to read online and books to download.


The online library features ancient sources, such as Tacitus and Strabo. There are Sagas, such as translations of the Poetic Eddas. Plus there is a range of scholarly works from the 19th through to the 21st century. This is an amazing resource or anyone interested in the history and culture of Northern Europe



The Norse Mythology Blog is such a brilliant combination of modern issues and ancient sources. If you have any interest in Norse culture or mythology then you must visit Dr Seigfried’s site


Happy Reading

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