Apr 11

The March 2017 Warlock’s Journal Deadline


The Warlock’s Journal jumps from site to site, roughly every other month. March brought a fresh host for the contest.


Last time out, Michael hosted at Tiny Gork.


March was the latest active month in the Warlock’s Journal bimonthly schedule, with the contest rolling over into April. The new host was Clark Timmins at the mighty RPG Geek. The topic for this round of the contest is elementals, something close to my heart. This concept is described by Clark as follows:


The theme for this issue is the elements. You can use four, five, six, or whatever. Your entry can be fantasy, sci-fi, modern, zombie, or whatever. Your entry can be anything you can imagine, either obvious or conceptual. But it does have to be based on or around the elemental theme. Elementals, elemental magic, elemental planes, elemental alchemy, elemental whatever.

In most Western philosophy (and certainly in most games), there are four known classical elements. But there are many different philosophies and ways of thinking about the world, reality, and existence.


Entries can be for any genre, system neutral, and must revolve around the elements in some way. Submissions can be up to 600 words. First and second prizes are Geek Gold, the currency used on the RPG Geek Forums.


As I noted above, Clark is making full use of the two month window for the contest. The deadline for entries is April 15th. Yes, the contest closes at the end of this week. Thus, now is your last time to participate in this round of the Warlock’s Journal.


Additional details about the contest can be found at RPG Geek.


Note, membership of the RPG Geek Forum may be required to access this page. Registration is free, and RPG Geek host many useful articles about all manner of tabletop gaming.


Best of luck, and start designing.



Follow this link for a full list of the Warlock Journal Contests to date.



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    • Dale Jennings on April 11, 2017 at 2:20 pm
    • Reply

    Thanks for sharing Phil. Took a little wander over to rpggeek to have a look-see at this, and found I had a spark of an idea, which soon caught light… (pardon the puns). I may post an entry. 🙂

      • Phil on April 11, 2017 at 2:26 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Dale,

      It is always worth entering these contests. If you have an idea, then you should definitely write it up, as that always helps to develop the idea.

      Best of luck

        • Dale Jennings on April 13, 2017 at 12:02 pm
        • Reply

        Thanks Phil. Have posted on RPGGeek. A short fiction piece. Copied here for you:

        Mental Ellie.

        My cracked, blistered, bleeding feet are agony, every little step another torture. I walk through the ruined landscape towards the distant domes. Home.
        I’m cold, so cold.
        A slight sound, a scuff of sand.
        Men. Wicked knives and worse, bringing chains for me again. Hungz, Scoffs, Snuffz, Grunts? Kill boys all.
        It begins in the pit of stomach, like acid indigestion, burning, becoming.
        It always begins like this, so many times now. I could fight, but it’s inevitable, like the need to shit.
        The power, the elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
        Molecules begin to vibrate, faster and faster, excited like me, zero-point to incandescent fury.
        Pins and needles now, beginning to warm. A million tiny fires burn inside.
        Air begins to swirl, tiny dust devils dancing under my bloody feet.
        I scream, and rise, and the very air itself burns…

        I see them through the shimmering haze from fifty feet up. Hundreds? Thousands? Dangerous men with wicked weapons, and heavy copper chains; all die screaming. The nearest smoulder, hair singes, then bursts alight. Skin blackens, splits, and melts off bones. Eyes and organs pop in the unearthly heat. A few scream, echoing my own; most die more swiftly, drawing super-heated air in to burning lungs. A quick death, a mercy. They deserve to suffer. I watch the world burn, and burn.
        The stink of burnt hair, faeces, and body fluids, fades to the sweet, sweet smell of roasting pork. I salivate; I’m hungry.
        Bodies, and scorched parts of them, litter the landscape as far as I can see, all the way to the distant horizon. A few still twitch, fewer still writhe and burn. I smile. I could summon water to quench them, like drowning in the world ocean. But no, they owe me their agony. Eventual stillness.
        I need to centre now. I lower. Earth calms, centres, placates. Solid, ponderous, inevitable. Digging fingers into the soil, desperate for the Gaia connection, trying to calm, centre. Slowing, calm, still. Breathe. Slow breath in, slower breath out. Breathe, breathe.
        I eat now, then stand again. Another tortured step towards the distant domes.
        Their names echo in my head. “Pariah, outcast, scourge, witch”… “Mental”

        I’m twelve years old. Mental Ellie… Ellie Mental…

          • Phil on April 13, 2017 at 12:09 pm
          • Reply

          Hi Dale,

          Great piece of writing, and a clever take on the theme.

          Best of luck

            • Dale Jennings on April 13, 2017 at 12:23 pm

            Thanks Phil, glad you like it. All the best.

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