Apr 11

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 14, Part 1


  • Vanishing Players
  • Increased session pace
  • Weaving the story


The game this Saturday suffered heavily from Player drop-out. Of the four who gathered at the table, one left almost immediately due to ill health. Another left a short time later, leaving us with the bare minimum turnout. I am quite happy to shift the spotlight, but gaming with just two Heroes runs at a faster pace than I had expected. The previous week we barely worked through a single encounter. Last Saturday we cantered through several scenes. I am not sure I am ready for this pace.


Of course, the benefit of such a fast pace is in story development. The Heroes now have clues about another potential threat, along with leads about where to go next. I probably should have questioned the Players further about their immediate plans, but I was left drained by the speed of the session. I must therefore prepare for several eventualities. It is always exciting to have the plot move along at pace.


My schedule for tomorrow includes both boys, which limits my game prep time. The actual play report is complete, so I have the next session to prepare. Along with the session outline sheet, I need to prepare the next round of story elements as suggested by the busy session last Saturday. In order to keep all the plots alive for the Players, I probably should require the Heroes to jump about between the plots. This suggests I should think about the overall shape of the session too. I like this type of prep, where I weave together the various plots.


None of the Role vs Roll cards played a part on Saturday, but I think the Players remain happy to have them as part of the game. I will keep an eye on this for the next session, to ensure the Players are not overwhelmed by their options.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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