Apr 13

Kickstarting Noir World


Despite my backlog of pdfs to read, my Kickstarter habit is undergoing a resurgence. Certain projects are so good I cannot bear to let them pass unsupported. Here is one such project.


Noir World is a powered by the Apocalypse RPG created by John Adamus. The campaign page describes the project as follows:


Noir World is film noir as powered by the Apocalypse. Around your table you’ll choose from 20 Roles, create relationships between them, build a City, and maybe solve a Crime, all while trying to create the best Movie possible.

It’s powered by the Apocalypse, the same mechanics found in Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, Headspace, and Monsterhearts, but it’s different – there’s no set single person acting as a GM. Here, everyone will have a chance to be the Director, everyone is the GM.


My support for Noir World was sealed listening to John being interviewed on the equally awesome Misdirected Mark podcast. I really need to review that show here on Tales of a GM. The episode with John was an extended discussion of noir and storytelling. I am especially excited to read John’s advice about crafting a story at the table. John regularly tweets brilliant advice for writers, so I am sure his essays will be insightful.


Noir World itself also appeals. I am particularly interested to read the sections about sharing narrative control among all the Players. This is a goal of my campaign, so it will be fascinating to see how John achieves this goal. Noir World could also make for atmospheric interludes as part of the Tales of the Hero Wars story arcs.


Funding for Noir World closes Thursday 20th April, at 2:00 pm BST. The project is well-funded, and working through the stretch goals. These focus on expanding the scope of the game, adding more settings and yet more advice from John. This project is superb value already, and can only improve through the home stretch.


Back Noir World for an RPG of emotion, tragedy, risk, and relationships.


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