Apr 13

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 14, Part 2


  • Disrupted game prep
  • Future game sessions
  • Dungeon World interlude


Completing game prep around the boys is never simple. My schedule made game prep day the one where I had both boys. For the part of the day they were amused, I made good progress, with most of the vital session outline sheet complete. However, inevitably, the peace did not last. Thus, I am not as far forward as I would like.


I now need to use the remainder of the week to complete the game prep. As I noted before, the small number of Players at the last game resulted in an intense session, where a lot of story was covered. This gave me several new areas to explore with the plot. Brainstorming a few ideas for where to take the story next is one of my remaining tasks.


However, my time has not been completely wasted. I also had a story revelation, where I see the structure for the next few sessions. This Saturday is a normal HeroQuest game. The following week, I want to run a DramaSystem relationship web creating session, where we flesh out the political network of the city. More excitingly, I had an idea for where to take the story next. One of my big plans is to take the Heroes out of the city for a change of pace. I thought how to do that, and then combine it with a different set of rules.


I always like running interludes with different rules. Adopting this for a quest outside the city should underline the differences for the Heroes between their life in civilized Ulubrae, and the wild cavern complexes beyond. Inspired by the Noir World kickstarter, my current plan is to run this interlude using the Dungeon World rules. This is another game powered by the Apocalypse. The timing of the DramaSystem game, with minimal prep, helps facilitate my learning of the new rules and sorting the handouts for the Players.


Read more about Noir World here


The basic idea is to translate the HeroQuest Heroes into Dungeon World Heroes, then play from there. I guess Players could take this opportunity to try a different character for the Interlude. A degree of customization may be needed to make these Heroes into trolls, or the suitable species from the story arc. I will have two weeks to wrestle with these problems. As it will not be a long DW campaign, I can live with unbalanced Heroes if that is what it takes. Hopefully the Players will be happy to try something new. Warping the story with different rules sets is not exactly a new concept for our campaign.



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The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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