Mar 13

Prep in Progress; Chapter 6, Part 4


The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my on-going campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.


The game prep yesterday was good progress, but more work needed.


I detailed another small group of GMCs for the Heroes to meet.


As with any settlement, there are a lot of characters in Harthmead Bridge that the Heroes might want to talk with. Each of these characters has a noted motivation, but it would be best if I could create some wider plots for the town.


However, the likely aim for the Heroes at the start of the next Session will be the hunting for tribute required to cross the bridge. I have an outline for how to run the hunting sequence, and brief notes on possible encounters. These encounters will need more details, and perhaps some abilities noted for possible targets of the hunt.


This will also be another opportunity for us to collaborate on the terrain over which the Heroes will be hunting. I do enjoy this process of brainstorming with the Players, and then creating some environmental abilities that influence the subsequent story. This does mean that I may need to improvise elements of the subsequent story, but the process seemed to work well for us with Harthmead Bridge itself so it should be fine this time around. It adds to the challenge of running the game, gives me a much-needed opportunity to practise my improv and ensures that I will be surprised by the game.


It is important to keep the game fresh for the GM, and the collaboration process can help to achieve this.


Happy Gaming


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