Apr 22

Dragon Tales, Chapter 5



Bitter Distress comes this Way



Aepydrax, Xenobia and Feandir the Elf enjoyed spending their money with the traders in the village. During the day, they met Lycaon, a warrior fried of Feandir. The Heroes agreed to invite brave Lycaon onto their adventures with them.


Several days later, rumours reached the village of goblin raids in the hills. Karthedon, the Mage in the Lighthouse, summoned the Heroes to a meeting. He had met with the wife of Korondax, whose farm had recently been raided. Karthedon offered the Heroes twenty gold coins each, if they would travel to Korondax’s farm, clear it of goblins, and report back what they found.


After a short trek up into the hills above the village, the Heroes easily found Korondax’s farm. The two-storey farmhouse sat atop a low mound. Nearby stood a fenced cattle pen. A cow lay in the open gateway, and Feandir could hear strange clicking sounds from within the pen.


The Heroes decided to check the cattle pen first. Once they reached the open gate, they saw three dead cows within the pen, each being eaten by a giant centipede. These foul creatures decided they wanted fresh meat, and scuttled towards the Heroes. Lycaon received a bite on the leg, but fought on. Aepydrax used his sling to attack the creatures, but they moved too quickly. The warriors quickly chopped apart the insects, suffering no further injury.


Advancing towards the farmhouse, Xenobia noted the door was open. A goblin appeared in the doorway and loosed a sling stone at the Heroes. Everyone ducked behind their shields, but Lycaon charged towards the house. This scared the goblin, who fled inside, only to be replaced by another goblin with a spear. The Heroes gathered around the doorway, and quickly slew the goblin.


Lycaon then charged into the farmhouse, finding the slinger and a second goblin inside. Feandir and Lycaon set to work with their swords and quickly killed the remaining goblins. The Heroes gathered inside the farmhouse, and discussed where they should explore next.





Dragon Tales are the session summaries from the Legend of Dragons cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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