Aug 27

Prep in Progress; Chapter 35, Part 1


The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my on-going campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.

Overall, I felt that the game on Saturday went well. Highlights for me were the Hero vs Hero fight that erupted when Ascanius tried to decant off some of the “war potion” from the witches’ cauldron, only to spill some on his hand and go berserk. Eventually, he tried to throw his half-bottle of potion over Elehil, hitting Berlinus when he jumped in the way. Thus, the calm Heroes then had a berserk legionary to deal with. Fortunately, Roha sang another of her biting satires, and calmed everyone down.

Yet again, it was a Player-created situation, aided by a Marginal Failure result, that formed the most exciting sequence in the Session. In a way, the later fight against the witch and her trio of zombie trolls was less exciting. Even the arrival of a Decay Demon was not enough to recreate the energy of the inter-Player conflict. This is not something that I can create every week, but the principle of pursuing Player-generated plots or encounters seems successful every time.