Apr 26

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 15


Where Motley is Worn


Ruling Factions

Iron Council

  • Professional tolerance of the troll embassy
  • Close allies to the Temple of Sol Invictus


High Order of Permission

  • Despises the lazy paperwork in Peregrinium
  • Seek a city-wide audit


Proculus Family

  • Strongly anti-troll
  • Wants obedient troll workers


Peregrinium Customs & Excise

  • Controls rights of trollkin dockers
  • Seeks funding from the Castle of Lead


Temple of Sol Invictus

  • Secretly supports the Sons of Gaius
  • Wants to purge the city of trolls and their darkness



City Factions

Dwarven Ladies’ Tea Circle

  • Controls a handful of Iron Councillors
  • Seeks covert help from the Troll Embassy


Collegium of Lava

  • Allies of the Castle of Lead
  • Investigating the Dragonnewts


Guild of Fungeries

  • Despises the Sons of Gaius
  • Seeks the collapse of the Guild of Gem Miners


Guild of Gem Miners

  • Massively in debt to the Proculus family
  • Seeks payment for services rendered to Sons of Gaius


Sons of Gaius

  • Seeks hobbit representation
  • Granted asylum by Castle of Lead


Troll Embassy

  • Receives magical protection from the Castle of Lead
  • Seeks the return of the Black Dragon figurine from the Proculus family



Underdark Factions

The Spindle Hag

  • Exiled from the Castle of Lead
  • Seeks a political alliance with the Troll Embassy


The Dragonnewts

  • Exerts shadowy control over the High Order of Permission
  • Seeks the total evacuation of the cavern


Castle of Lead

  • Massing an army to assault Ulubrae
  • Seeks to infiltrate the Guild of Fungeries




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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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