Apr 30

Forgotten Scrolls 32: Week 195


The Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look at articles previously published during my three-and-a-half years of blogging. Before the usual rummage through the dusty archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint an old essay.


This article has been given a fresh edit, a little more polish, and reprinted as a guest post on the Ennead blog. This weekend, the article explained how I set up a chase under the HeroQuest rules. While it took a whole article to establish the chase, this process takes far less time at the table:


Pursuit Sequences in HeroQuest 2, Part 1 the Set-up




Last Week: Week 194

Another weekly series of relevance is where I post an Updated article to the blog. This previously appeared at Ennead Games, but now returns home. Last week’s Updated article explored the presentation of montages in HeroQuest, applying the principles from the previous Fate article. HeroQuest suits my narrative style, and montages are another way to present a contest:


Updated: We need a HeroQuest Montage



Last Month: Week 191

Four weeks ago, my countdown to UK Games Expo had reached two months. Week 191 was another in my run of Blog Carnival articles, with a return to my series inspired by the February Carnival. In part five I wrote about the faceless opposition aspect of the Who of an encounter:


February ‘17 Carnival: Improv Encounters 5, Faceless Opposition



Six Months Ago: Week 169

Further back, in November 2016, I launched the Versatile Vehicles round of the Shield & Storm contest. The long blog post for week 169 was the final instalment of my Improv Gaming series. Part 11 pulled together the techniques from all the previous essays, to show how I run a game at the table:


Improv Gaming, Part 11: Improv at the Table



Last Year: Week 143

Stepping back to May, I posted a review of my progress in April. My long article for week 143 was a second part of my Blog Carnival series about planar weather. Part 2 presented tables for generating the weather found on the Plane of Air in my campaign:


RPG Blog Carnival, Part 2: Valinor Weather



Two Years ago: Week 91

Winding back another year to 2015, I reviewed my experience at Diceni, the local convention in Norwich. My long blog post for week 91 was an overview of our recent game of My Life with Master, and how we brainstormed the gothic setting:


Our Lives with Master: More Player Brainstorming



Three Years ago: Week 39

Finally, we reach 2014, where I promoted the next home for the wandering Warlock’s Journal. The feature article for week 39 was the first of a quirky series where I nominate six people with whom I would like to game:


The Dream HeroQuest of Unknown Kadath



Once again, I hope you liked this journey through the archives of Tales of a GM. Did you find any lost treasures this week?



Happy Reading



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