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April 2017 Reviewed


Back at the start of January, I posted my Writing Resolutions for 2017.


I keep these goals in focus by writing monthly updates about my progress. The original post outlined four categories of resolution:

  • Blogging Resolutions
  • Freelance & Publishing Resolutions
  • Fiction Resolutions
  • Gaming Resolutions


As I ramp my schedule back up after the Easter holidays, I post this update in a timely fashion.


Blogging Resolutions

After the fall in traffic in March, April’s figures bounced back. They are much lower than last year, but I was pleased to see even a small up-tick. The number of posts was down a little, but I succeeded in keeping the blog flowing over the Easter break. As I need to improve my networking, I will not be generous with my score here. Blogging score 3/5.


Freelance & Publishing Resolutions

Much to my surprise, the layout process moved quickly during Easter. This is one task I can perform with the boys chattering in the next room. Thus, I completed and released my Fantasy Mook Traits pdf in April. I adore the enhanced layout, and I picked up a few sales. The release was only moderately successful, so I cannot award full marks. Freelance score 4/5.


Read about the launch of Fantasy Mook Traits



Fiction Resolutions

The Easter break is generally too noisy for fiction writing. I submitted again to an Agent, but could only push forward with my FebShoMo drafts at the end of the month. Moderate progress. Fiction score 3/5.



Gaming Resolutions

April was another good month for my gaming. The Shadows of Ulubrae story arc featured a variety of games, which changed the pace satisfyingly. The month ended with a Dungeon World interlude. We enjoyed a scatter of gaming over the Easter break, including a couple of sessions of Basic D&D with the boys. They need to work on their focus, but I believe I am laying the foundation for gaming sons. For the second month running, I award full marks in this category. Gaming score 5/5.


April 2017

The final score for the month is an encouraging 15/20. This bounces back after the lull of March. I continue to juggle household chores, but May is off to a promising start for my productivity.



Have you set yourself any resolutions for 2017? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Happy Gaming



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