May 10

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 17


To Trouble the Living Stream


Evening, Godsday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1017.


The Heroes recovered for a few hours on the barge. Their rest was disturbed by someone singing troll warrior songs in the cavern. Adlartok cast invisibility on Umiaq, who ventured out into the darkness to confront the singer. He found a long troll warrior, Nunatuq the Loud.


Nunatuq warned Umiaq of skaven on his route, and advised him to avoid them. Umiaq felt this was too obvious a statement, and grew suspicious. He returned to the barge, then introduced Adlartok, Arrluk and Hildeboldus to the troll. Adlartok was likewise suspicious as to why a troll from Castle Lead should wait in a cave simply to warn the Heroes. Nunatuq refused to say any more, and left.


The barge sailed a little further down the river, before the Heroes disembarked to continue their journey. Underdark specialist Hildeboldus would lead them on the long journey down to the Marble Cavern where the earth elemental lived.


The Heroes trekked through twisting tunnels for many hours, without seeing another living creature. Hildeboldus then tried to shorten the journey by taking a route close to the skaven tunnels Nunatuq had warned them about. This proved a costly error, as the Heroes were ambushed by a patrol of skaven warriors, lead by a rat brute breaker.


Immediately, the skaven warriors attacked, their wicked blades scattering the blood of Heroes around the small cave. Hildeboldus danced away from the warrior facing him, only to stand before the rat brute. The breaker’s warhammer smashed into the human’s frail body. The Heroes quickly killed the warriors, but the rat brute was a mighty foe.


Umiaq tried to duel with the breaker, but took a powerful blow to the chest, fracturing his ribs. On the brink of death, the spirit of Zorak Zoran appeared before him and offered a hard bargain to spare Umiaq. Only pipe weed smoke will keep the shards of bone out of his lungs and preserve his life.


Adlartok lead a final charge against the rate brute, and the battle was over. A quick search revealed a few coins and lead bolgs on the fallen skaven. The Heroes collapsed to the cave floor to staunch their many wounds. Arrluk stood watch, as the Heroes rested for a few hours. A swarm of rats summoned the Heroes to action, but Arrluk quickly skewered the attacking creatures.


Running low of rations, the Heroes proceeded to cook rats and skaven alike. However, only the trolls and trollkin wanted to eat skaven flesh. Suitably rested and restored, the Heroes readied themselves for another leg of the journey.



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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