May 11

Kickstarting Archive: History for the GM


Recently, my Kickstarter habit is undergoing a resurgence.


I have now backed another campaign I want to share with you. Archive, by Tristan Zimmerman, is a pdf of 80 locations, landscapes, NPCs, and events pulled from history, and presented for the GM. The campaign page describes the project as follows:


Archive is a collection of adventure sites, NPCs, and events ripped right out of history and perfect for your campaign. It’s a 265-page book with 80 subjects. All have everything you need to make them come alive at your table: sights, smells, history, local color, and even plot hooks and ideas to help you adapt them to your campaign setting.

Need a villain? Throw your PCs against Ching Shih, the notorious pirate queen, presented with the tactics and schemes she used to wreak havoc across coastal China! Need a random encounter during travel? Recreate the 1861 encounter of the French corvette Alecton with a dying giant squid, and the social consequences that followed. Need an adventure site? Why not Fort Jefferson, complete with real historical secrets for your PCs to uncover?


Several years ago, I backed Tristan’s campaign for The GM’s Real-World Reference , which I was very happy with. I love history, and there are so many ways to weave real people and places into your campaign. Ken Hite is always urging this approach, and here is Tristan saving you all the hassle of having to research it yourself. The campaign page has several samples from the pdf, so you can easily see the quality of material on offer. If you are a fan of faster prep, then this is a book for you.


Funding for Archive closes Tuesday, 6th June, 2017 at 12:04 am BST. The project is almost half-funded, so needs a little extra push. Of course, plenty of time remains, and there are some great stretch goals on offer. Many projects enjoy a late surge, so Archive has a great chance of reaching the funding goal.


Back Archive, a GM’s reference for historical people, places, and events for RPGs.


Happy Gaming




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