May 15

The May 2017 Home of the Warlock’s Journal


The Warlock’s Journal jumps from site to site, roughly every other month. May brings a fresh host for the contest.


Last time out, Clark Timmins hosted at the mighty RPG Geek.


May is the latest active month in the Warlock’s Journal bimonthly schedule. The new host is Vikki Potter at Tabletop Adventures. The topic for this round of the contest is Mothers. This concept is described by Vikki as follows:


Mothers have a large place in both real life and fiction; they range from the ideal to the terrible. In this iteration of the Warlock’s Journal Contest, participants are invited to describe a person who stands in the place of a mother, or goes by that title.

For this contest, an entry could describe a mother like the old woman in a shoe (in the nursery rhyme), who has so many children – and hires them out to hold horses and run errands, and gathers up all the information they bring home to sell to the highest bidder. Another mother could be a matriarch – of a jungle village, or a fierce tribe of orcs, or a clan of dwarven artisans. A spy or escapee could be disguised as a mother with small children; after all, who would expect the harassed-looking mother of toddlers to be passing secret information? A smuggler could appear to be a mother-to-be and actually be delivering small arms to a Resistance cell.


Entries can be for any genre, system neutral, and must describe a mother figure. Submissions can be up to 500 words. First prize is a voucher for $10 store credit with DriveThruRPG. The deadline for entries is May 31st.


Additional details about the contest can be found at Tabletop Adventures.


Best of luck, and start writing.



Follow this link for a full list of the Warlock Journal Contests to date.


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