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Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 18


Stone’s in the Midst of All


Morning, Marketday, Communication Week, Delve Season, 1017.


All the Heroes gathered in the cavern and prepared for the last leg of the journey to the lair of the earth elemental. It was only a short hike before their route was blocked. A strange plug of warm red stone filled the tunnel. Arrluk dug into the end of the plug, but made little progress burrowing through the rock.


Instead, Hildeboldus turned into a honey badger and lead the Heroes around the blockage, via a longer set of tunnels. This route took the Heroes to a large cavern holding a lake of lava. A network of islands floated in the lava, each with a Pavian number carved upon it. On the wall was a riddle, carved into the rock.


The Heroes quickly solved the riddle, then began crossing on the indicated islands. Umiaq fell into the lava, and had to be healed by Adlartok. After this initial setback, the Heroes easily crossed the lake of lava, to the treasure chest on the far side. Umiaq took the magic ring, but Adlartok struggled to identify the two potions. Sartokna tired of the debate, and hurried the Heroes along to the final stage of the quest.


The Heroes arrived at a huge chamber, with a floor of gravel and sand. An elemental growled deep in the gravel, giving the Heroes time to prepare for battle. The earth elemental emerged, and struck at Adlartok with mighty fists of stone.


Grizzled Arrluk fought toe-to-toe with the huge elemental, relying upon his armour and physical strength to cope with the crushing blows. Sartokna used her shield to protect Arrluk as much as she could. Helegion and Hildeboldus relied upon ranged weapons, with mixed results against the stony form of the elemental.


At one point, Umiaq tried to use his magic ring, only to send lava flying wildly into the melee, and strike Adlartok. Finally, Sartokna stepped forward and delivered the killing blow to the mighty creature of stone. Umiaq gladly scooped up the heart of the elemental to complete the quest.


As the Heroes settled down to heal, a fresh set of growls emerged from the gravel in the cavern. This sent the Heroes scuttling back to the lava cave, where one of Adlartok’s trollkin was pushed into the lava. A second trollkin was killed when the rations ran low on the journey home.


It was a great relief when the Heroes returned to the barge, and could float back up the river to Ulubrae and home.



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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