Jun 12

Forgotten Scrolls 38: Week 201


The Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look at articles previously published during my three-and-a-half years of blogging. Before the usual rummage through the dusty archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint an old essay.


This article has been given a fresh edit, a little more polish, and reprinted as a guest post on the Ennead blog. This weekend, the article presented a light-hearted article about choosing a dream team of Players to game with:


The Dream HeroQuest of Unknown Kadath




Last Week: Week 200

Another weekly series of relevance is where I post an Updated article to the blog. This previously appeared at Ennead Games, but now returns home. Last week’s Updated article reviewed Chase Cards 2 from Paizo. Even though I do not play Pathfinder, these cards are still very useful:


Updated: Chase Cards 2 Reviewed



Last Month: Week 197

Four weeks ago, I reviewed Hero Realms, the card game given to me by one of my Players as part of International GM’s day. In that week I posted another instalment of my series inspired by the February Blog Carnival. Part 8 looked at contests in RPGs, and three ways of categorising them:


February ‘17 Carnival: Improv Encounters 8, Contests



Six Months Ago: Week 175

Further back, in December 2016, I reviewed my performance in November. The long blog post for week 175 was the report from my trip to an enlarged Dragonmeet, held at yet another venue:


Dragonmeet 2016 Report: A Bigger Friendly Con



Last Year: Week 149

Stepping back to June, I noted an amusing reference in the name of TSR’s Spellfire CCG. My long article for week 149 highlights the timings for my favourite conventions. This week I posted the overview of my first trip to UK Games Expo:


UK Games Expo 2016 Report: Overwhelming Games Con



Two Years ago: Week 97

Winding back another year to 2015, I reviewed Tales of Mythic Adventure, a Glorantha podcast. My long blog post for week 97 was my second contribution to my summer hosting of the Blog Carnival. This article explored the planar realm of endless summer:


Summerland: The Kingdom of Eternal Summer



Three Years ago: Week 45

Finally, we reach 2014, where I backed the kickstarter for Backstory Cards. The long blog post for week 45 was another in my series of conjuring up a dream set of gamers for an RPG. This time I thought about actors:


The Dream Heroquest of Unknown Kadath 2: The Actors



Once again, I hope you liked this journey through the archives of Tales of a GM. Did you find any lost treasures this week?



Happy Reading



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