Aug 28

A GM All Rolled Up


A clever, new piece of gaming equipment.

This weekend I treated myself to an early birthday present and opened up the All Rolled Up that I had been saving for Christmas. I just could not wait all the way to Christmas. One gift-giving occasion is just as good as another, right?ARU Closed

The All Rolled Up

So what is it?

An All Rolled Up is essentially a fabric tool roll for Gamers. When opened out it has a series of pockets for your Thieves Tools gaming equipment. There are several narrow pockets for pens and pencils, a slightly wider pocket for a ruler, or perhaps an eraser. In the middle is a large rectangular pocket for a notebook. On the left-hand side is a long bag, sealed with a strip of Velcro, that serves as a dice bag. ARU Open

The whole thing is secured with two long fabric ties. The All Rolled Up comes in a dizzying range of fabrics, suitable for all flavours of Geek. Mine is resplendent in flying dragons, with scale-like fabric for the pockets. This is Dragon Flight, a Standard Roll Up, but check out the website for the full range.

Using the All Rolled Up

So how good is it?

This was my first weekend, so it is all shiny and new, but the overall impression is that it is very cool. The All Rolled Up combines the functionality of a dice bag with that of a pencil case. The dice bag sat open on the table for me, and being long and relatively thin, there was no chance of dice becoming lost in the bottom. The fabric is pleasing to the touch, and I even enjoy the ritual of knotting the ties to close it up.

This really is such a cool accessory to any Gamer. For full details and FAQ, check out the AllRolledUp website.


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