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Warlock’s Journal Contest, Storm & Shield 8: Doomsday Devices


The blog-hopping Warlock’s Journal contest now runs bimonthly. July is my turn to host again. I am very pleased to announce the details for the eighth Warlock’s Journal contest held at Tales of a GM.



Now, the Journal has travelled again, and returned to Tales of a GM.



The Warlock’s Journal

So what is the Journal? Vicki from Tabletop Adventures described it as follows:


The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that teleports from place to place, recording knowledge in whatever location it finds itself. The places it visits may be widely separated in time and space, and may even be in different dimensions or alternate realities.

The handful of people who have actually seen the book more than once suggest that it sends its information back to some central location. They have seen the book nearly filled with information, only to find it almost empty again, or filled with completely different information, at some later point.

Of course, since there is no real proof that the book itself travels through time in a linear manner, such analysis is speculation at best. What powerful entity could have created such a marvel? Where is the ultimate repository (if any) of the wealth of knowledge collected by the Journal in its roving, and is its creator still waiting there, learning about the multiverse? It is, perhaps, better not to know.



Storm & Shield

As ever, the focus of the contests on Tales of a GM is the organisation Storm & Shield. This is a group who span the dimensions, with a hand in every world. Elite, well-funded and highly organised, agents of Storm & Shield can be found almost anywhere, in any environment.


We learnt in the first Storm & Shield contest that the parent group is Arkmuth’s Enemies, as described by Dominick Riesland, aka Rabbitball. This was a self-fulfilling prophecy aimed at the destruction of the Lich King. Meanwhile, Hanna Crip is the greatest risk that the organisation currently faces, as described by Matthew Pauze.


The second Storm & Shield contest established the headquarters for each of these groups. The central headquarters for Storm & Shield is located in The Planar City, as described by Vicente Cartas. Archenemy Hanna Crip works from her stronghold on The Crystalline Husk, as written by Marques Jordan.


The third contest established who is running Storm & Shield Prime. The members of the Inner Council were listed, and the result of the voting determined the current leader. This was Tessa Starwind, introduced to us by Vicki Potter.


However, Tessa faced a cosmic crisis as soon as she gained control of Storm & Shield Prime, as described in the fourth contest. Fresh from her election victory, she faced her greatest challenge. Archenemy Hanna Crip unleashed her latest plot to become a False Goddess on the magic-infused world of Admantia. This fiendish plot was revealed by Emil Vahlgren.


Naturally, Tessa sent her best agents to Admantia to thwart this plot. Agents armed with, well, gadgets. But what sort of a gadget would an agent of Storm & Shield use? We found the answer in the fifth contest, when Dominick Riesland, aka Rabbitball, described the Axiom Sensor. This cunning device assesses the nature of magic on the current plane, enabling the agent to blend into the culture and understand the nature of the challenge they face.


We know Storm & Shield agents are the best heroes in the Cosmos, equipped with technological wonders such as the Axiom Sensor. Yet, who are these mysterious agents? The result of the sixth contest revealed that Tessa Starwind sent the controversial Agent Beetle to Admantia. Beetle was introduced to us by Simon Nading.


Agent Beetle is equipped with his Axiom Sensor, but how will he travel around Admantia? This was the topic for the seventh contest, where we learned about the highly adaptable Volga Class Transports, as described by Ben Stone.


Now Agent Beetle has arrived on Admantia in his camouflaged Volga ship, he is faced by Crip’s plot to become a false goddess. Part of her cunning plan involves a fiendish doomsday device. But what is Crip’s infernal machine? What terrible fate awaits the people of Admantia if Agent Beetle cannot defeat Hanna Crip? This is the topic for the current contest.




Prize Time

First, another set of incredible prizes. Chris Kentlea of Ennead Games has once again generously agreed to sponsor this round of the Warlock’s Journal. He has provided a range of prizes:

  • First prize is a $20 voucher for DriveThruRPG
  • Plus, the winner also receives a bonus item from the Ennead Games range on DriveThru, excluding bundles.
  • AND, there is an entry prize for everyone who submits to this contest. Yes, you win just by entering.



Browse the awesome range of Ennead Games pdfs here.



Entry Prize

All entries to Storm & Shield: Doomsday Devices receive a code for a free copy of Plane Maker. This book walks you through the process of creating a plane, defining the size, shape and method of access to the plane. Additional sections cover the rules of the plane, quirks and more.


The product page on DriveThruRPG describes this pdf as follows:


You may be a powerful spell caster seeing how far you can stretch your powers or a new god-like being bored with this universe and wanting to see what you can. You may even be a scientist, exploring the multiverse and the realms beyond.Whatever your reasons, the Plane Maker is here to help you come up with the details about various planes, from both a magical and technological point of view and somewhere in between.


Once again, thanks to the generosity of Ennead Games, you receive a free copy of this pdf just for entering this contest.


Read more about the Plane Maker pdf here [affiliate link]



The Contest: Doomsday Devices

We have long known the agents of Storm & Shield Prime are elite operatives, aided by truly amazing technology. The challenges they face are equally amazing. Along with clever foes, the agents of Storm & Shield must deal with complex technological devices.


These doomsday devices may threaten planar destruction, or just personal annihilation. Or perhaps this is a revenge-laden final gift from Crip? A flesh-eating virus? A mind-altering drug poisoning the planet’s drinking water? There is no set format for your entry, but you may like to consider the following elements:

  • A name
  • Physical description of the device
  • The threatened doomsday scenario if the device triggers
  • Weaknesses or vulnerabilities Agent Beetle could exploit


The voting process will choose which of these devices Hanna Crip has left to challenge Agent Beetle on Admantia.




Terms and Conditions

The full Terms and Conditions are outlined on the Terms and Conditions page.


The short version is as follows:

  • Maximum 300 words per entryPlease submit system-neutral entries, but game statistics can be added as an Appendix for inclusion in the final pdf. This Appendix would not form part of the word count or the voting document.
  • Closing Date is 13th July
  • Send entries as an email to Phil@talesofagm.com
  • Entries need name and an email address
  • One entry per submission
  • Maximum 5 entries per person total, but PLEASE submit them separately to ease the process of recording them.
  • Voting will be via Survey Monkey, outlined below
  • Prize is a $20 voucher for DriveThruRPG, plus, the winner also receives a bonus item from the Ennead Games range on DriveThru, excluding bundles.
  • Important Note: Entries remain the property of their Creator, but entry into the contest grants Phil Nicholls and Tales of a GM.com a licence in perpetuity to use the entry. This licence will allow the publication of the entry in one or more free pdfs of Storm & Shield material. All work will be attributed in any pdf, except for the initial Voting pdf, where anonymity is required for fair voting. Entries may subsequently be expanded upon or otherwise developed for future Storm & Shield contests. Thus, for example, the winning entry from this contest may be used as the basis of one or more future contests



Background to Storm & Shield

As this is my eighth contest in the Storm & Shield setting, the background details may be confusing. Therefore, I have drawn together all of the winning entries into a Storm & Shield page.





The entries from this Contest will be compiled and made available via Tales of a GM, but without names and game statistics where submitted. This voting list will have numbered entries to facilitate the voting via Survey Monkey. In common with the recent trend of contests, I shall ask voters to select their top three entries. More details will follow when the voting opens.


Voting details are found here



The excellent logo for the Warlock’s Journal contest was made by Michael over at tinygork.com.


Visit Michael’s blog here



Best of luck



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