Mar 28

March RPGBA Blog Carnival; Virtual RPGs



My previous entry into the RPGBA Blog Carnival was The Icy Embrace of Winter.


The March Blog Carnival is being hosted by Douglas Cole at Gaming Ballistic.


The theme for this month’s Blog Carnival is Virtual Table Tops and Online RPGs. The topic was summarized by Douglas as follows;


What have you experienced with online/virtual table-top gaming?

  • What has it meant for you, if anything?
  • What do you think it means for the industry, if anything?
  • Will GenCon 2025 be an all-online virtual convention?
  • Online gaming a trivial flash in the pan?
  • More fun?
  • Less fun?
  • Best and Worst Online Experiences?
  • Personal requirements for a VTT?
  • Favourite VTT and why?

Sadly, I have no experience of virtual gaming, so I do not feel able to add to this month’s Carnival. However, I did want to bring it to your attention, if this is one of your methods of playing. If this does interest you, then visit Douglas at Gaming Ballistic to see what the RPGBA community of bloggers have to say on this topic.


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Happy Gaming


A complete list of my RPGBA Blog Carnival entries can be found on the Index page.

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