Jul 07

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 20, Part 4


  • Hacked 14 Days
  • More options with 14 Days
  • Last-minute game prep


As I report so often, the midweek game prep was a mixed bag. The positive side was the completion of my hack of 14 Days. I only made a few changes, and now the game is ready to run as a side-game for an off-camera Hero. The Player can make a few choices, and there is a luck element affecting the ongoing narrative. This encapsulates our entire approach to roleplaying in a simple way. I am excited to see how this plays out at the table.


Of course, having created one hack of 14 Days, I feel ready to create others. As yet, I have no idea of the theme I would need. However, the concept is so simple, 14 Days works as a framework for a wide range of side-games. If everything goes well with this version, then I will look to making more conversions as I need them.


However, after devoting so much time to the 14 Days hack, other areas of my prep suffered. The Session Outline Sheet is mostly complete, just the last few details are needed. The main omission was with story elements. I probably should review what options I have prepared already, and then think about what else I could need. I expect the central Heroes for the latest two plots will not attend tomorrow, so those plots are left hanging. I rather need one of those sessions where the Players create their own plot. Yet, I should have a backup plan ready too.


I am running out of time and energy to do that tonight. So, last-minute game prep tomorrow it is.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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