Jul 13

Doomsday Devices Delayed Deadline!


Somebody has snipped the blue wire!


The deadline for the latest Storm & Shield contest: Doomsday Devices is close at hand. Yet, the countdown has been stopped at the last minute, and our valiant Heroes have an extra day to submit.


Yes, as a result of tardy marketing on my part, I put back the deadline to the Doomsday Devices contest until tomorrow, 14th July. Even now, this is something of a loose deadline, as I will not be making a final check of my emails until after lunch on Saturday. However, if you write quickly, you should have at least another day before the closing alarm sounds.


The count of diabolical devices submitted to the contest has jumped forward to four. This ensures an exciting round of voting to determine the winner. Yet, it would be even better to add more devices to the contest.


I know there is typically a surge of entries as the deadline looms. However, I want to remind you to enter if you have been delaying, for one reason or another. You still have time to submit an entry, but you need to start working on it now.


Please see the Doomsday Devices launch post for full details.



Prize support

Remember, the latest round of Storm & Shield is being generously supported by Ennead Games once more. Along with the $20 DriveThruRPG voucher, Ennead Games are also offering the winner a free title of their choice from their range, excluding bundles.



So, can you describe a Storm & Shield vehicle in less than 600 words? SIX hundred words? Yes, let me ease your editing burden, and open up the contest a little more. Not only do you have more time, but you can simply write more, or edit less. Does that help?


Are you ready to design a device now? The deadline has jumped to Friday, 14th July. It would really help me, if you could send me something. Remember, you receive an Ennead Games pdf just for entering.


I look forward to reading your entry.



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