Jul 20

Doomsday Devices: Voting Deadline


We are close to the end of the latest Storm & Shield contest: Doomsday Devices. The voting closes tomorrow, so you need to act quickly.


The count of diabolical devices submitted to the contest ticked up to five. We are deep in the round of voting to determine the winner. The current state of play does indicate a winner, but the results are close. Your vote could make all the difference.


Please see the Doomsday Devices voting post for full details.



Prize support

Remember, the latest round of Storm & Shield is being generously supported by Ennead Games once more. Along with the $20 DriveThruRPG voucher, Ennead Games are also offering the winner a free title of their choice from their range, excluding bundles. So, there is plenty at stake.



Likewise, the ongoing story is affected by the outcome of this vote. What threat is facing Agent Beetle on Admantia? Several of the entries tied themselves closely to the ongoing Storm & Shield narrative. Is this what you want from the contest? Cast your vote to reflect your preference. The winning device may impact the story moving forward.


Happy Voting



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