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Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 22


To Please A Companion


Morning, Marchday, Truth Week, Delve Season, 1017.


For several days, Arrluk worked hard on his recovery at the Sanatorium. Extreme withdrawal symptoms challenged his progress, but with the help of additional medication, he began to improve. As he struggled with the bouts of vomiting, Arrluk began to wonder if he would ever be free of his addiction.


Meanwhile, at the embassy, Ambassador Qigukna raged for several days over Umiaq’s intrusion into her office. It was not until Marchday that life in the Embassy returned to normal, and the Heroes gathered in Sartokna’s office to discuss their plans. Everyone remained incredulous that Adlartok had allowed the skaven into the Embassy. His revelation that the Ambassador had authorised it only deepened the mystery. Adlartok was tempted to visit the Ambassador to question her further. Wiser council prevailed.


Another mystery under discussion was why Umiaq seemed unaffected by the strange red light at dusk. The light had faded over the past few nights, but other trolls in the Embassy were disturbed by the weakening glow. Umiaq theorized it was his possession of the heart of the earth elemental which granted him immunity. Thus, he was eager to retain the heart for the moment, rather than deliver it to the Mages.


Instead, the Heroes decided to explore the mysterious red tower in Altarium. Adlartok and the trollkin walked to the tower, where they tried to knock on the door. A pair of animated statues kept the trollkin away from the door with the hafts of their spears. When Sartokna and Umiaq arrived in the lightning sled, the Heroes resolved to climb the tower.


Umiaq applied his suddenly powerful Trickery rune to ensure his climbing gadget helped Mangok. For a moment, it seemed the small ledge reached out to grab the climbing hook. Once the rope was secure, Mangok scampered up the rope. He scrambled into the tower, where he was immediately attacked by a glowing red figure.


Adlartok invoked his destiny to climb up the rope and help Mangok. The troll climbed swiftly over the trollkin swarming eagerly up the rope. Once Adlartok squeezed into the room, he was attacked by a second glowing elemental.


Umiaq and Sartokna chose to fly up to the small balcony in the lightning sled. Once level with the window, Umiaq stepped smoothly into the room. Sartokna tried to help Mangok, but ended up hitting him in the back of the head. Eventually, the elemental was destroyed.


Umiaq invoked his Trickery rune once again, receiving yet another surge in power. He stepped forward, used his cloak to smother Adlartok’s elemental and the glowing creature vanished.



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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