Jul 27

Summer Gaming Challenge ‘17: Day 6


The long summer break is here, and I need something to help me through the empty days. Much as I love the boys, I need additional motivation to cope with the combined heat and boredom. My solution for this year is the Summer Gaming Challenge.


This was announced on the blog here.



Day 6

So far, the SGC has begun well. The initial selection of games played has grown rapidly, including several new games taught to the boys. The old copy of Risk from my childhood has proved an early favourite. They are just at the learning stage, but seem to enjoy playing.


Elsewhere, my wife has joined in the fun. Evening games of Ticket to Ride: Europe were very close. I prefer more Players, but even with two this works fine. Only six days into the Challenge, and I have played an interesting mix of Euro, classic and junior games.


  • Current SGC Score: 14 games in 6 Days
  • Total number of games: 9
  • Games Played: 14 Days, Avengers Rapid Fire x2, Cribbage, HeroQuest Glorantha, Hero Realms, Risk x2, Ticket to Ride: Europe x2, Tiny Epic Galaxies, UNO x3.


Happy Gaming



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